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You have reached the Website of West African Missions. This is a relatively new evangelistic program. It was started in 2004 almost by accident. West African Missions is based in Nigeria and Cameroon and supports one missionary in each of these countries. Brother Tom Ekpot Jr. is the missionary in Jos, Nigeria and also teaches at the School of Biblical Studies in Jos. Abasiama Archibong is a native Nigerian who has moved to Limbe, Cameroon where he serves as the minister for the Mile One Church of Christ.
This web site is provided for you further information.
You may be here to decide if you or your congregation would be interested in supporting these efforts. If that is your purpose, please consider these points:
  • All your support goes to West Africa, none stays in the USA
  • The missionary purpose is the same in both countries.
  • This work is coordinated through the Ellabell Church of Christ in Ellabell, GA.
Please stay as long as you want. Sign our guestbook to let us know you were here.
Click on the links on the right side of this page to see where your support will go.

It is very easy to help. Your support can help so much in the struggling economies of Nigeria and Cameroon. If you have $10 a month of $1000 a month, both are welcome and can preach the Gospel to so many people.

For further information, feel free to contact the Brethren of the Ellabell Church of Christ

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Links to Another Work In Nigeria

Brother  Uchenna F. Bekee works with the Township Church of Christ at Port Harcourt, Nigeria

His web page is Here

Click his name above to go to his FaceBook page

Contact him and encourage his good work